Services & Pricing*





  • Classic

    Full: $75

    Fill: $55

    Mini: $27.50

  • Soft Glam

    Full: $90

    Fill: $55

    Mini: $32.50

  • Hybrid

    Full: $115

    Fill: $70

    Mini: $35.00

  • Russian Volume

    Full: $140

    Fill: $80

    Mini: $40.00

  • Drama Queen

    Full: $150

    Fill: $90

    Mini: $45.00

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Eyelash Extensions are the hottest and most innovative way of creating longer, thicker, and fuller looking lashes. Each lash treatment is tailored based on your eye shape, length of your natural lashes, and look you’re aiming for. We want to simplify your morning so you wake up ready. Our certified Lash Artists apply lightweight extensions using our 1 to 1 application process, where each lash extension is applied individually to your natural lash. 


Look good, feel good,  and exude confidence.



Beautiful Lashes

Are Just A

Blink Away.